NSB features a comprehensive Long Term Care Product portfolio, including access to the industry’s top carriers and products. We help you provide your clients the best solution for their need.

NSB is strategically aligned with more than a dozen wholesalers with expertise in finding the appropriate client solutions, our inhouse dedicated support team assists with illustrations and work seamlessly to ensure your cases flow smoothly from pre-sale to delivery

Underwriting Expertise – with experience in both morbidity and mortality underwriting, as well as numerous personal relationships with underwriters, NSB assists in finding the best possible offer for your client while minimizing delays and aggravation caused by declines.

Our product portfolio includes:

Traditional Long-Term Care

Hybrid (Life/LTC and Annuity/LTC Combo Products)

Long-Term Care and Chronic Illness Riders


Looking for expertise and in-field support to help you close more business? We can help with:

Individual and Joint

Executive Carve-outs

Linked Benefit Products

Multi-Life: Large and Small Employer Groups

Association Groups


Senior Caregiving: What You Need to Know

By TransAmerica | July 14, 2020

The numbers don’t lie: at some point, nearly all of your clients will either need long term care or will become caregivers themselves. Because caregiving will more than likely affect all your clients, it’s important you have the knowledge and tools to guide them along the way. Since the last census in 2010, the oldest…

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How do you pay for assisted living?

By Protective | July 13, 2020

Assisted living can be an attractive option for seniors, but costs can add up quickly. Learn more about options and ways to manage the costs.

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The cost of long-term care

By Lincoln Financial Group | May 18, 2020

Long-term care is unpredictable – you don’t know exactly when you’ll need it, why or what kind of care you’ll require. Take steps now to protect yourself, your loved ones and your legacy from the unexpected. Why do I need long-term care protection? With healthy lifestyles and advances in medical care, retirees are living longer…

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Painting the Long Term Care Picture by the Numbers

By TransAmerica | October 16, 2019

Planning for potential long term care needs is challenging. There is no universal solution and often the “best” option is less than ideal. But don’t let that deter you from helping your clients prepare. Each client is likely to require a different approach. Some may be looking at stand-alone policies that offer a wide range…

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