“Cutting Edge” Product Portfolio

We provide you with easy access to industry leading Life, Long Term Care, and Annuity product portfolios. Our staff is trained to assist you in the proper client – company – product fit.

Underwriting Options

Representing the number of companies that we do allow, allows us to offer you and your clients a wide variety of underwriting philosophies for your life and long term care clientele.

Northern States Solutions Network

We recognize that in today’s market place, it is extremely difficult to be an expert in all insurance related fields. We also understand the need an insurance practice has to create various income streams while maintaining its focus on its real expertise. The network allows insurance agents of all backgrounds and insurance expertise to capitalize on the ever-growing longevity planning market with as much effort as they choose.

Detailed Case Management and New Business Processing

State of the art agency automation systems provide you with up-to-date status reports and follow-ups. Our staff is the best underwriting and policy issue advocate you can have.

Illustration Service Center

We will provide you with same-day illustrations and free proposal software, plus term comparison spreadsheets.

Superb Compensation

Our base commissions are outstanding and when combined with our life and long term care bonus programs make our brokerage compensation package second to none.

Nationally Recognized Advanced Underwriting

With our multiple company affiliations, we can provide you with access to some of the industry’s brightest advanced market minds available.

Industry and Professional Insight

Agents who work with Northern States Brokerage are provided with proprietary CE and Marketing programs at no charge.


The business you do with us is treated in with the utmost confidentiality.